Memory Profiling Direct3D apps for Windows Phone 8

MSDN Doc provides information about cpu profiling of direct3d apps.

By following the steps mentioned here we can enable, memory profiling of direct3d apps for windows phone. As these changes make the way profiling works, so any issues out of this, I am not responsible, please do at your own risk:
1. In the ProfilingTasks.xml file under %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Phone Tools\11.0\Profiler\target folder, change the following entry as mentioned here
a. <EtwProvider Name="KernelModeProvider" KernelMode="true" HexKeywords="81000007" KernelStackHexKeywords="01000000" CLR="true"/>
By doing the above change, we are getting execution and memory profiling data. Execution profiling data can be seen directly, to see the memory profiling data we need windows performance analyzer.
2. Now follow steps 6 to 9, in the section of Collecting and analyzing custom events at MSDN Doc .

You will see output as shown blow sample

By changing HexKeywords word value we can get more info on memory or other items.

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